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Who We Are

Armed Lady, LLC is a premier ladies-only shooting organization offering women the opportunity join with other women like you who are interested in learning more about shooting, self defense and personal protection.

Armed Lady is on the forefront of bringing you new techniques, education and advice from the shooting industry as it becomes available. Our goal as an organization is to support, encourage and teach personal responsibility in all areas of gun ownership. As women wear re the fastest growing segment of the population purchasing firearms today and the industry is finally taking notice.

Armed Lady is committed to education and our members are our first priority. We launched in April 2014 and have been growing quickly, but we are focused on quality first monad foremost. There are a few key principles in which we believe that position us above the rest. First and foremost, we focus on the quality of our Chapter Leaders and we strive for a high level of retention. We require that our Chapter Leaders be NRA Certified Instructors, as well as possess a standard of experience and teaching skill. Quality Leaders means satisfied members.

Additionally, we emphasize education and learning in a welcoming environment. We welcome all levels of female shooters and we provide our leaders with the tools to keep members engaged and educated. Whether you’re looking for a group of great women in your area to shoot with and/or are looking for shooting accessories designed with you in mind, we have something for everyone and even a little extra! Join with us and let’s work together on improving your skills, leading you forward and keeping you prepared!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of ARMED Lady to provide educational resources and firearms related accessories/products to women gun owners and enthusiasts related to firearm safety and personal protection.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional NRA Certified Women Instructors will help inspire, educate and empower women everywhere.

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